Errors known: Why does the tournament not start or eject the cards – it’s long time after I made everything ready ?
Errors known describes errors where we are uncertain if an error is solved complete, have been informed an error which we cannot replicate or simple need data to find the reason.

Error Observation:

We have seen examples when you start the card eject manually – after a longer time have had the B+M made ready

We have made several changes and test – but are not sure we have found all reasons to an eventual issue

Work around:

Leave the tournament – press “Skip” button – “Stop Tournament” – press “OK” twice

Cards are ejected

press “Play”

Start playing board 1

Cards are redealt for board 1 – when dealt – take cards out and tablet will be ready

Insert the dealt cards again for them to be dealt as board 2

Notice only for manually ejected cards – read more below about this option

The manual eject option is selected here

Why have we made it like this ?

To offer a unique way to manage large tournaments – see video here

To eject manually – Go to Game live and find Sessions Breaks (at the left at the bottom of the screen)

session start

Click the small box at Board 1 – and for each of the boards you want to come out automatically