Bridge+More – Simple and Easy

To use the Bridge+More to play a game of bridge you only need to setup the number of tables, player information and create the card distribution on the Bridge+Server.

It might sound complex – but it’s not!

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Notice it is just to login to the Bridge+Server in a browser, make a few clicks with a mouse and the game is ready!

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The game information created is downloaded automatically from the Bridge+Server to the Bridge+Tablet and then the Bridge+Tablet submits the card distribution and other information to the Bridge+Dealer for it to quietly deal each hand board by board – based upon a simple logic – while you are playing one board the dealer prepares (deals) the next boards card distribution.

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Remember all details about not only the current board but also your game are registered on the Bridge+Tablet in real time and automatically uploaded to the Bridge+Server to have the results calculated for us to be able present the results on the Bridge+Server as well as on the Bridge+Tablet – also in real time.

Real time is just one of Bridge+More unique features

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Ready to start playing on Bridge+More:

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