Test the Bridge+More dealer UV readers for dirt?

Open the lid and study the bridge dealer‘s 6 UV readers – see picture below – if a UV reader have dust or dirt in them.

The best way to clean the UV readers is to blow gently or use a rubber blower pump. Please make sure the blower tip does NOT touch the readers.


How to Test the the Bridge+More dealer for dirt?


Please connect the tablet and dealer as normal

  • Please make sure the dealer have more than 50% battery else charge the dealer first (if you need to know how to see the battery level you can see illustration below – this dealer shows a 94.2 % battery level. The other ways to see battery level – see here – How to see if the dealer is charging ?

and when ready click the current dealer’s name “B+M XXXX”

bridge dealer

and select the menu item on the menu shown as shown below.

bridge dealer

After you click the menu you will see this pop-up.

After the test.  Notice the test is not a precise measurement – just a guidance.

bridge dealer

If dirt test fails please try several times before you contact us.