Question: How to copy, re-use or replay a teaching set – Teaching Tools? (Basic)


As a principle, you cannot play a teaching set more than once as we save the plæayed teaching set with all the game details and results for the players to study whenever they want – but actually, we allow you to wipe the Teaching set details – see more below

But we make it easy in most cases to make a copy and then you can replay the same set  – meaning a teaching set with the same number of tables, same round size and same number of boards – and the same teaching boards (card distribution (option – random or same) and same players if wanted (yes- no option)

Under “Admin”- “Tournament” or “Social Games” – find the Tools. Below illustrated for Tournaments

In the Tools view click on one or more tournaments/games (only one if you want to copy)

Then click Copy in the top menu as illustrated in red and add a new name and select the wanted options

For a teaching set you can wipe the teaching set details – simply select the option highlighted below

If you want to copy, re-use or replay a tournament or a social game – Tournament Tools / Social Games Tools – see more here