Question: How to copy, re-use or replay a tournament or a social game – Tournament Tools / Social Games Tools? (Basic)


As a principle, you cannot play a tournament or a social game more than once as we save the plæayed game with all the game details and results for the players study whenever they want

But we make it easy in most cases to make a copy and then you can replay the same game – meaning a game with the same number of tables, same round size and same number of boards – and the same card distribution (option – random or same) and same players if wanted (yes- no option)

Under “Admin”- “Tournament” or “Social Games” – find the Tools. Below illustrated for Tournaments

In the Tools view click on one or more tournaments/games (only one if you want to copy)

Then click Copy in the top menu as illustrated in red and add a new name and select the wanted options

If you want to copy, re-use or replay a teaching set – Teaching Tools? (Basic) – see more here