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Bridge+More – How to reboot the Bridge+Dealer 

  • If you press the green button for 30 secs (while the dealer is on) until the word “Ready” is not shown anymore, the dealer will turn completely off and will be rebooted when the dealer is started again. To start the dealer again you will need to connect the charger and charge.

Please notice:

  • If you press the green button for 2 secs (while the dealer is on) the dealer will go into a power down.
  • The dealer can also go into power save (similar to a power down) if it is not used for a approximately an hour – a slight touch on the green button awakes it again. Please remember to awake the tablet with a touch on the screen and let the dealer and tablet to reconnect automatically on Bluetooth in approximately 10 secs.
  • You can also turn the Bridge+More dealer Off from the main menu
    • Just press the button called “Turn Off Dealer”