Unique Feature – Error protection is not in real time – it’s continuous so it’s preventive!

We believe bridge could benefit and be more enjoyable through our focus on game flow

Our focus on being as preventive as possible watching for errors that could influence the game / flow of the game.

A wrong card for example (a doublet or missing/extra card)  – when the dealer sees the erroneous card it will announce the error

  • The tournament director will see it on the “Live” screen (see below first picture – “NoError”);
  • The players will see it on the dealer (see general compass rose illustration below) ; and
  • The tablet will show the error (see at right below – (Error code example shown – Error code 14 is actually shown if the players correct the boxed card – shown to the tournament director)

The TD or the players can simply correct the error.

Who and how the error should be handled will depend on the game setting – private, club and tournament – and the people present.

The Bridge+More solution - the bridge revolution - for both club and private use

Bridge+More (bridgeplusmore) offers unique features, full control over the process and real time status & detailed results making it easier and funnier to play bridge. Bridgeplusinfo holds guides FAQ and how to…