Simply put – A game of Bridge consist of a number of tables each with four players which plays a number of boards in a predefined manner. Each board have a specific card distribution. Results are to be calculated for each board and also for the game.

To use the Bridge+More to play a game of Bridge you only need to setup the number of tables, player information and create the card distribution on the Bridge+Server.  It might sound complex – but it is just to login to the Bridge+Server in a browser, make a few clicks with a mouse – see the picture at right – and the game is ready!

The game information created is downloaded automatically from the Bridge+Server to the Bridge+Tablet and then the Bridge+Tablet submits the card distribution and other information to the Bridge+Dealer for it to quietly deal each hand board by board – based upon a simple logic – while you are playing one board the dealer prepares (deals) the next boards card distribution.

All details about the current board and your game of Bridge are registered on the Bridge+Tablet in real time and uploaded to the Bridge+Server to have result calculated to be able present the results on the Bridge+Server  as well as on the Bridge+Tablet.

Easy and simple – but also – if you want it  – advanced with many unique features and opportunities!