Game Results on

After playing your first game using the Bridge+More Solution, all game details from your social game or tournament, will be saved on the server.
You can log into your personal account on and study your results. In this way, you will have access to detailed game results from each board, each player, and much more.
If a game result has been entered incorrectly on the tablet during the game, you can easily edit the game results on the server, change player names or delete a tournament, you don’t need.

You have now played your first game using the Bridge+More Dealer. Log in on our server to see your game results.

Choose the server appropriate to your country below:

– For European users, please use:
– For American users, please use:
– For Australian and Asian users, please use

  • Use your username and password to login on our server
  • Go toResults’ in the top menu
  • Choose the desired tournament in the left column
  • Choose the desired game on the list
  • Now choose the desired result view

Click below to watch the video guide