1.0 Teaching board

What is a Teaching board?

In bridge, a Teaching board is the specific allocation of the 52 cards to the four players including the bidding, the play of the cards, and the scoring based on those cards. When using the Bridge+More Solution for Teaching, you can create a social game or tournament which consists of a specific number of teaching boards for your teaching lesson.

How can I use a Teaching board

Your Teaching boards will be your personal and specific teaching boards you can use in your teaching. With the Bridge+More Solution for Teaching, you can choose a number of specific boards to use in your teaching lesson. Instead of using hours off preparing physical boards and decks of cards, you can use and create your own, customized boards that matches your teaching topics.

Where to find my Teaching boards?

Teaching boards are found under ‘Teaching boards’ on your personal bridgeplusserver.com account after clicking on ‘Admin’ and then ‘Teaching Set’ in the left menu column. Here you can manage, create, import, and copy boards from previously played boards. As a teacher, you will have great flexibility when managing your teaching boards. Follow the next steps to learn how to create and use your Teaching boards.