Create a bridge game

Create a game that suits your bridge requirements!

With the Bridge+More Solution, you can create and customize a game of bridge as you like. We have two types of bridge games you can create either on your tablet or your

Social game: Our social game is a game which targets teachers and private users of the Bridge+More Solution. When creating a social game, you have the opportunity to choose one of our most popular features –  the ‘Reference Game’, where you can choose a game from an international tournament, and play the exact same hand as the professional bridge players and compare your own game results with the best bridge players in the world.

Tournament: A Tournament is a game type which is used by bridge clubs. When creating a Bridge+More tournament, you can choose between game options which are helpful for bigger tournaments with many tables of bridge players. Such as the ‘Enter lead card’, which ensures that the hands are ejected by the dealer at the exact same time at all tables.

Create a game either on the tablet or on our server