Create a bridge game on the tablet (Fast & Easy)

Simple and easy to design your own tournaments

Let’s look at how you can design your own personalized and fun bridge games for every occasion. To create a tournament, you’ll have two options:
1) Tablet: you can either create your tournament directly on the tablet under the ‘Fast & Easy’ app button – or
2) Server: you can log in to the and choose between multiple game options. This will be explained in the next First Use Newsletter we will send to you.

How to create a ‘Fast & Easy’ game on the tablet

  • Open the Bridge+More App on the fully charged tablet
  • Click ‘Fast & Easy’ in the main menu
  • Write your personal tournament name
  • Choose the number of tables
  • Click ‘Create’
  • Click ‘Select Tournament’ in the main menu
  • Choose your the ‘Fast & Easy’ game you’ve just created
  • Press ‘Play’

Click below to see the video guide