Create a Fast & Easy game on the tablet

Simple and easy to design your own tournaments

Let’s look at how you can design your own personalized and fun bridge games for every occasion. To create a tournament, you’ll have two options:
1) Tablet: you can either create your tournament directly on the tablet under the ‘Fast & Easy’ app button – or
2) Server: you can log in to the and choose between multiple game options. This will be explained in the next First Use Newsletter we will send to you.

How to create a ‘Fast & Easy’ game on the tablet

  • Open the Bridge+More App on the fully charged tablet
  • Click ‘Fast & Easy’ in the main menu
  • Write your personal tournament name
  • Choose the number of tables
  • Click ‘Create’
  • Click ‘Select Tournament’ in the main menu
  • Choose your the ‘Fast & Easy’ game you’ve just created
  • Press ‘Play’

Click below to see the video guide