Game results

After a game of bridge, you will have the opportunity to study and compare your results on your bridge+more server account. With the Bridge+More Solution, you will have access to detailed game results from every board, session, round, and each player.

Learn from your game results

By studying your game results you can follow your journey to advance as a bridge player, learn from previous mistakes, and compare your own bridge skills to the other players in your social games or tournaments

How to see your game results

After playing a game, you have two ways to see your results:

  1. Game results on the tablet Here you can see the results from previous boards while playing the game, and the tablet will give you an immediate result from all the boards in the end. Click on the box ‘Game results on tablet’ below, to learn more.
  2. Game results on the server Here you have access to multiple result views on the server. This option is for the bridge player who would like more detailed game results from your bridge games. Click on the box ‘Game results on the server’ below, to learn more.