5.0 Show the students the played teaching set

What is the Teaching Presentor?

After the students have played the Teaching Set, you can show them the game results on your Teaching Presentor Screen.
The Teaching Presentor Screen is a view where you can see the results of a specific board and table in your Teaching Set played by your students.

How to find the Teaching Presentor

  • Log into your bridgeplusserver.com account with your user name and password sent to you. (Click for guide) 
  • Choose the server appropriate to your country below, and log in to the website.
    – For European users, please use: bridgeplusserver.com
    – For American users, please use:bridgeplusserver.com
    – For Australian and Asian users, please use aus.bridgeplusserver.com

  • Click on ‘Results’ in the top column
  • Click on ‘Teaching results’ in the left column
  • Choose a your teaching set on the list before, during, or after your students have played the set
  • Click on ‘Boards’
  • Scroll down and choose a table on the list
  • Click on the two cards, which will unfold after clicking on them
  • Click on ‘Open Teaching Presentor’

How to use the Teaching Presentor as a bridge teacher

You can choose, edit, and remove the different game details in the Teaching Presentor Screen as you find best for your teaching. The Teaching Presentor is very flexible to use.

In the left ‘Elements’ box, you can choose the specific game details to show your students.