Avoid card handling issues by inserting the cards correctly into the dealer

How to avoid card dealing errors:

The number of card dealing errors is related to either:

  • How the cards are inserted
  • The overall quality of the cards and the quality of the hidden codes – any dirt or are the cards “sticking” together, etc.
  • If the cards have bends or cracks.

How to insert the cards correctly

Please always remember to insert the cards with the narrow (short) end first

How NOT to insert the cards correctly

Please notice that in almost every error situation it is very easy to handle the error

  • Take the cards out
  • Close the lid
  • Wait for Info 99
  • Then insert the cards again (See more here)

If the cards have bends or cracks

Please see examples here

Below you can find our internal error codes – which you unlikely will see but please contact us at support@bridgeplusmore.com if it ever happens

Please before note the tournament name, table number, board number and dealer number (see the label under it, date and time) and please note the internal error code number (see below) as well