How to import card distributions (hands) when having multiple Sessions (Advanced)


The guide below shows you how and where to import card distributions – when you are having multiple Sessions.

See how to import card distributions for more simple games here.

The first step to import is to go to “Admin” –  “Tournament Details” or “Games Details” – as shown below for “Tournament Details”

tournament list

Click on a tournament or game in the tournament list or game list then we shown as illustrated below.

tournament details

Below the top menu bar, you will see a number of (at least one) Sessions. The session overview also shows the number of Sections in the session.

If you click the Session area you will see the following. The Session area is the framed area for Session 1 or Session 2 shown above


BTW – the Session options

      • “Edit” gives you access to give the Session a proper name and select a date (data to be used when having multiple sessions)
      • Import” gives you an option to import card distributions – see more here
      • Export” gives you an option to select among export options
        • Card distributions; and
        • Export – send details to the selected Federation; and
        • Technical data (excel)
      • “Create Pdf” gives you options to create and download tournament data

If you click the Import button (twice) you will see the following import details  for the chosen session – Notice Sections always have the same card distribution (because else you would create two games instead):