2.0 Bridge+More – Unique bridge features

The Bridge+More solution’s technologies and features are revolutionary in many ways – especially innovative is the way in which we manage and present results and data and our unique ability for social users play side by side with the original players as if the competed in a historical game (a reference game).

We have obtained several patents for our technology and as we strive continuously to upgrade our technological base and develop further innovative technologies – we have the ambition of remaining on the cutting edge of technologies.

One of our most important core principles is that we offer a solution that is continuously upgraded, improved and added new bridge features (also based on user requests).

We continue to develop innovative technology and bridge features for your benefit and enjoyment – and we hope that by describing our bridge unique features you can be inspired to give us valuable input for further development – and if you have suggestions or comments – please email us at info@bridgeplusmore.com

We are pleased with all the comments we have received until now – and please note that the list below is not just a list of our unique selling point (USP’s) but is also based upon the inputs and observations we have received – thanks!