Bridge+More Dealer

The usage of a Bridge+More dealer is very simple – you only need to know:

  • How to open or close the dealer’s lid,
  • How to insert the cards,
  • How to take the cards,
  • How to understand the information shown by the dealer,
  • How to turn a dealer On,
  • How to turn a dealer Off,
  • How to charge a dealer.

Please notice – the dealer only uses two decks of proprietary cards and cards are always inserted with face down. The order the played hands are inserted does not matter.

Information, that is shown on the Bridge+More Dealer:

The Bridge+More Dealer will always:

  • Show the board number of the cards in the hands of the players,
    • The board number changes when the first player takes a hand,
  • Shows eventual error codes,
  • Shows who has the opening lead, and
  • Show (if any) the vulnerability zones with 2 or 4 red “diamonds”.

How to move the dealers on the table

The Bridge+Dealer has been designed (read about our design here) to be placed on the middle of the table. The dealer height is only a bit more than 5 cm so the players are able to see the cards on the other side of the table – and it weighs 1 kilo (Select) or 2 kilos (Premium or Classics metal constructions) you can move a dealer around with a light push.

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