How to reset the Bridge+More dealer menu


If you need to reset the Bridge+More dealer it is easy – simple keep the power button (in the corner with the lid open button) pressed for 40+ seconds.

If the dealer is turned on “Ready” will light green until you have pressed for 40+ seconds (or release pressing the power button).

In most cases you will need to connect the charger to turn On the Bridge+More dealer (it will depend of the firmware version and battery level).

Please wait 5 – 10 seconds after the reset have been done before you insert the charger to start the Bridge+More dealer.

If the Bridge+More dealer have been discharged or a new battery have been inserted you will need to charge the Bridge+More dealer for 10 hours or more before you can reset the dealer to start it. You might need to have the charger connected to reset – meaning you first press the dealer’s power button for 40+ seconds – then you disconnect the charger, then wait for 5 – 10 seconds before your connect the charger again to start the dealer.

It can also be necessary to reset the Bridge+More dealer if

  • You turned Off the tablet in the middle of a game because the Bridge+More dealer will then protect the game and not turn Off. To use the dealer again you will need to reset the dealer; and
  • You can’t turn Off the dealer during a game and if you try if will turn Off after the dealer while playing (after the game the dealer turn Off and needs to be reset to show very clearly to you the solution have been misused).
  • You have a firmware lower than 2.340 and have either not charged for along time or played more than 180 – 200 boards without charging and neglected all battery warnings (Info 83 and Info 84)

Both these principles have been made to protect against cheating and to hinder a player to harm a game.

Remember you can see the dealer’s battery status several places as described here