8.0 Login and see game results as a student

After the students have played the Teaching Set, the students can  log in to their personal account and see their game results from the lessons.

How to login as a student 

  • Choose the server appropriate to your country below, and log in to the website.
    – For European users, please use: bridgeplusserver.com
    – For American users, please use:bridgeplusserver.com
    – For Australian and Asian users, please use aus.bridgeplusserver.com
  • Log into your bridgeplusserver.com account with your user name and password given by your teacher
  • Click ‘Results’
  • Click on ‘Teaching results’
  • Select a played teaching set on the list of teaching sets
  • Click on ‘Boards’
  • Choose a board and table
  • Find your table on the list, and click on the two cards
  • Here, you have a unique opportunity to compare your own results with your teacher’s