Bridge+More – How to test the Bridge+More dealer 

  • The Bridge+More Dealer can be tested with a number of tests mentioned below
  • The test are all found in the Dealer menu – click at these texts (illustration – your details will be different)
  • After you have selected the relevant test the dealer will show – when ready – “I’m ready”
  • In general – if Info Code 97 or 99 or no Info Codes or remarks – test is finished – ready for further instructions, tests or to deal cards

4.06 Test the bridge dealer’s UV readers for dirt?

Open the lid and study the bridge dealer's 6 UV readers if a UV reader have dust or dirt in them. The best way to clean the UV readers is to blow gently or use a rubber blower pump. Please make sure the blower tip does NOT touch the readers....

4.07 How to manually do a calibration of the bridge dealer’s UV readers with 2 * 52 cards?

How to keep the Bridge+More dealer’s battery charged?

How to reset the Bridge+More dealer?

If you need to reset the Bridge+More dealer it is easy as you have several options:...

How to test the bridge dealer – Dealer test of the card gap

How to test the dealer – Bridge dealer Light filter test

How to test the dealer – Bridge Dealer UV LED tests

How to test the dealer – multiple test options

How to test the dealer – Read about the multiple bridge dealer test options

How to test the dealer by deal the cards sorted by colour – also works as check of the cards ?

How to you use the Dealer card gap adjustment feature

How to control of the start control of the start of the game: For example when you want to prepare everything but want to control when cards are ejected at first, all or specific rounds or if you have created a tournament and no cards...