How to keep the Bridge+More dealer’s battery charged


The Bridge+More dealer can be turned Off as described here –

But you cannot turn the dealer Off during a game (defined as at a game detail screen) and if you try nothing happens unless you keep pressing the Off button. To show the misuse of the Off button the dealer will turn itself Off after the game have been played (the dealer hereby shows very clearly to you the solution have been misused and the dealer needs it needs to be reset to start – see below).

The dealer will turn off (power save mode)

  • If you press the green button for 3 – 5  secs (while the dealer is on) until the word “Ready” stops blinking the dealer will turn off (into stand-by).
  • If the dealer have not been used for a approximately 30 minutes it goes into turn off power save (similar to a stand-by) – a slight touch on the green button awakes it again. Please also remember to awake the tablet first with a touch on the screen also and let the dealer and tablet connect automatically on Bluetooth after approximately 5 secs. The turn off period uses approximately 1 % of battery power

The dealer will shut off (completely turned off)

  • If the dealer have not been used – lid, eject ports (cards taken) or power button have been touched for an additional 40 minuttes
  • If the dealer is not connected to a tablet which have a live bluetooth connection to the dealer. Notice if the The Bridge+More app is started on the tablet the tablet and dealer have a live Bluetooth connection.  The tablet and dealer can have a live Bluetooth connection also without our app is turned On. Please Notice – the tablet can be turned On despite the screen is not turned On (Black).

In other words the connected tablet should be turned off for the dealer to be able Shut off completely

How to turn the Bridge+Dealer On or Off – read more here

Remember you can see the dealer’s battery status several places as described here

If you for some reason need to reset the dealer – read more here

The above requires you have a tablet app after version 2.340 and have upgraded the dealer to that app’s firmware