Bridge Federations processes for creating and export of game details based upon BWS files

We have made it easy for the Bridge+More Solution to work together with those Federations that require you to have a game process based upon BWS files.

The Bridge+More Solution supports a typical BWS based process – often as follows:

  • Create the game in the Federation’s system,
  • Export the game details in a bws file (or simply find the BWS file where it is saved,
  • Import into the Bridge+More Solution
  • Play the game, study the real-time result under and after the game – ensure the details are correct else correct; and
  • Finally export it back into the Federation’s system to update result, handicap, masterpoints, etc.

It might sound complex and complicated with all the steps but it is not – just try it a few times – and we have added features to make is simple and not to be stressful  – see below

But it is a bit more complicated than the alternatives we prefer – therefore, we work together with the interested federations in providing a smarter – faster and easier method – whenever possible – like in Norway and in US – see more here.

The Bridge+More solution is actually so intelligent it can determine which federation’s system/software you are using automatically as bridge files like BRI or BWS files is not a uniform format – currently, we recognize 10+ different BRI variations automatically and 30+ different BWS variations automatically.

We are also aware of the limitations of the BWS based process and have added a number of features to make a BWS based process easier and flexible – like

  • We handle multiple sessions – play days also BWS based – to offer the same advantages of having all sessions details with the same game for easier results handling – and for easier player handling (and more fair games). Simply select all the BWS files for each session at the same time in “BWS based tournament creation” menu item.
  • We have also added handling of multiple sections – all, some or one to be handled by Bridge+More – and the reaming sections – if any – to be handled by other devices.
  • The BWS file requires you to have all session of the day in the same BWS file and it can make the handling complicated. We have removed that limitation by offering a simple split and join to BWS file with multiple different sections to offer higher flexibility as you have on our solution. Read more here
  • We are also fully aware of the issues with the BWS file format now the file format behind BWS the Microsoft Access format is no longer supported by Microsoft

We have also added features to take the stress out of a BWS based process

  • You don’t have to create bws file before the game if the game you create on the Bridge+More solution have the same exact structure as the game you have create earlier – the use the “Old” BWS’s file similar data – and first later on the federation system create the “New” BWS file. We call it “Backlink” or “delayed linking”. See more here
  • You can alternatively create the game from a/your BWS file from a list of “standard” tournaments (previously imported) – and then create the BWS file on the federation system – and first later on the federation system create the “New” BWS file.

Pleas notice the above process is very different from the Bridge+More solution’s complete flexibility – a the Bridge+More solution you can create the game whenever and where ever you want one by one, reuse with a click, etc. – actually you can have somebody do it for you – for example, we (you) can set up a game in Denmark now you play somewhere in the world tomorrow – sorry actually as many games as you want to play at the same time or at different times anywhere – See more here