8.1 Bridge Federations process for export of game result

The Bridge+More Solution makes it possible to work together with those Federation’s systems that have a modern game process/solution for submitting the game results/details – (during) after the game with a few clicks based upon PBN or USEBIO files.

It might sound complex and complicated with all the options but it is not – it often takes a few seconds also because the Bridge+More solution is so intelligent it can determine which federation’s system/software you are using.

We have  made it possible to send or submit a specific file during or after the game – for example Norway – based on a few simple principles:

  • Just set up the game on our web server and play the game on your Bridge+More solutions, use our presentation option and corrections option to ensure the game details are correct on our Bridge+More website and then
  • Click a few time to report to the federation.