Bridge Federations software and their file formats for the exchange of game details

The Bridge+More solution is an open system and a very flexible solution and works with all federation’s systems to create tournaments and import and export tournament details.

It is as simple as to log in to the Bridge+More Server in a browser, make a few clicks with a mouse and your game is ready!

The Bridge+More solution is actually so intelligent it can determine which federation’s system/software you are using automatically as bridge files like BRI or BWS files is not a uniform format – currently, we recognize 10+ different BRI variations automatically and 30+ different BWS variations automatically.

We make it possible to work together with all Federation’s systems as we support all the required / know game process options to get the game details/results registered at the Federation:

  • Just submit the game results/details – (during) after the game – for example, based upon PBN or USEBIO files. Simple, fast and easy! See more here
  • Create the game in the Federation’s system, export the game, import the game into and play it with the Bridge+More Solution, and export the game details it back to the Federation’s system (we label it a BWS based process). See more here
  • Send the game results/details as a report – pdf, Excel or … whatever format or design – just tell us!

You might want to import or share (export) your data and/or result with other people or third-party providers. We give you an easy access to your data and we have ensured the data can be exchanged with third-party data presenters like Bridgeweb and Pianola.

  • The Bridge+More Solution import all known game data bridge file-formats – BWS, PBN, USEBIO to mention some. See more here
  • The Bridge+More Solution export all known game data bridge file-formats – BWS, PBN, USEBIO to mention some. See more here

The Bridge+More solution can generate random Card Distibrutions but also import or export card distributions

  • The Bridge+More Solution supports all known bridge Card Distibrutions – hands – file-formatsBRI, LIN, DUP, BWS, PBN, USEBIO. See more here

It might sound complex and complicated with all the options but it is not – it often takes a few seconds. See more here about where to find selection and handling of the options listed above.