Our unique handling makes bridge easy to manage, to set up, and to play!

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An introduction to the Bridge+More solution

The Bridge+More solution consists of four elements-  the Bridge+More dealer with only two decks of our proprietary Bridge+More cards, a tablet running the Bridge+More app, and the Bridge+More server app.

A bridge tournament or game is created on the Bridge+More server and is downloaded automatically the Bridge+More tablet app and then the Bridge+More tablet submits the card distribution and other information to the Bridge+More dealer for it to quietly deal the hands board by board – based upon a simple logic – while you are playing one board the dealer prepares (or deals) the next board’s card distribution.

All details about the game are registered on the Bridge+More tablet app in real-time and automatically uploaded to the Bridge+More server where the results are calculated and results are presented in real-time when and where you want to see the results (also with our unique details) – on the web and in the Bridge+More app on your tablet. You can even stream results in a browser with our monitor feature that updates automatically.  

Real-time results and support is just one of Bridge+More unique features – which you see if you click the picture below regarding “Unique features”

Complicated – not att all  – which our many users from 7 years to 95 years are proven examples of …