Bridge+More – Complete and Simply better bridge! 

The Bridge+More solution makes it easy for you to play bridge – but sometimes you might have to decide between a few alternatives. To make it easy for you, we use the followings words to describe the alternatives:

  • Types – Are you using Club, Social, and/or Teaching. The type of usage influences the Method, Choices, and Options.
  • Methods – Do you want to use – the Fast & Easy methods (just a few clicks, a few choices, and no options to consider), our Basic methods (use default settings for most of the options), or the Advanced methods (where you have full control of choices and options) – to create your tournament/game.
  • Choices – You have 16 tournament/game types – Pair, Team, Individual, Swiss, etc. for Clubs – or Pair, Individual, and the unique Reference game for Social games.
  • Options – Describes the many options – and notice the number of options is dependant on the selected Method and Choices made – you are offered to select precisely the detail, feature, etc. you would like to use – for example, select scoring options.

A full example – if you are creating a club tournament (Types) and create all the game details yourself (Advanced Methods) and have not selected an Individual game (Choices) – then you see and have 3 options for Vacant pair scoring (Options). We do not show vacant scoring options for Social games and teaching, do not show in Fast & Easy games and individual games. It couldn’t be easier!

We use the term Feature to describe both a particular Type, Method, Choice, or Option – in other words, a feature can be large and complex – like our “Teaching Feature” – or be small and specific – like our “Vacant pair” option.

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