Teaching guide

Welcome to the Bridge+More Teaching Guide for Teachers and Students

The Bridge+More Teaching features expand your Teaching Opportunities and gives you a high level of flexibility and remember, it is simply more fun to use as a Bridge Teacher and Student.

What is the Bridge+More Teaching?

The Bridge+More Teaching is both a feature for teaching and to learn bridge. It is a complete solution that consists of a Dealer, a Tablet, two decks of custom made cards and a subscription to our Bridge+More solution.

As a Teacher you only bring the Bridge+More Solution for your lesson and prepare a Teaching Set for your Students.

The Bridge+More Teaching is a great tool for teaching bridge, as you can create and customize your teaching while reducing preparation time. As bridge can be a quite challenging game to learn, you want to use your time on making your teaching lessons fun, educational, and most importantly improving over time.

As a Student you will have a very easy process to play bridge – reach out and take the cards – and as a student you will also have access to our web service to see how you played to be able to improve your bridge skills over time.

How does it work?

The Bridge+More Teaching is used by both the Teacher and Students:

As a Teacher, you will have access to multiple game opportunities on the Bridge+More Server where you can create, set up, and customize a Teaching Set for any type of bridge player from a beginners’ level to more experienced players.

  • Create flexible Teaching Sets
  • Make customized boards in advance
  • Compare your students’ results with your own previously played boards
  • Get live-stream results!
  • Save time pre-dealing playing cards
  • Keep individual score of your students’ bridge skills
  • Virtual Teaching

As a Student, you will get access to detailed results and:

  • Get easy access to your detailed results
  • Entertaining and more fun    
  • Full focus on learning bridge
  • Get with a few click study your unique game details
  • As teachers have the same information as students you both have a great tool for your journey to advance.
  • Specific guidance and comments if needed – before, during, after – the game 
  • Compare your results to your teacher and classmates

Get started on your Bridge+More Teaching Journey. Just click on the boxes below on this page or select the desired sub-menu item in the top menu under ‘TEACHING’

On this page, you will find a basic version of our Teaching Guide to get started. In the Teaching Guide, you will find the information needed to create, prepare, and use your Bridge+More Solution for Teaching. As a Teacher, you can create, set up, and customize a Teaching Set for any type of bridge player from a beginners’ level to more experienced players.

Have more fun while learning bridge!

Teach bridge with high flexibility!