Reuse your Teaching Sets

In case you would like to reuse some of your Teaching Sets because you need to use them more than once per day, we recommend the following:

  • When you create a NEW TEACHING SET (A, B, or C,) please create a copy for each set with the same content.
  • You will have 2 versions for each class A, A1, B, B1, C, C1.

These very simple steps will allow you to use for example class A in 2 different classes on the same day, so you could use class A for the first student Group and class A1 for the second Group.

You can add the number of copies that you need according to the number of classes that you have per day.

Fast and Easy Way to Wipe Teaching Sets in 3 Steps.

There is a Fast and Easy way to clean your Teaching Sets every 24 hours.

1, First select “Admin”, then “Teaching Set”

  1. Then select “Create New teaching set”
  1. Once you reach step 5. Make sure that the “Auto-wipe” is marked.

Note: If you need to use the same tournament twice a day, it can be a good idea to make multiple with different names, A, B, C…