Bridge+More – SUPPORT

The Bridge+More solution is a complete solution covering from when you decide you want to play bridge / you decide to set up a tournament – and Bridge+More handles (in real-time) both the management of the tournament and the presentation of the results during and after the tournament.

We have also added real-time – remote – support as an integrated feature.

We put emphasis on making a complete and complex solution as simple and easy to use – and error-free – as possible but sometimes you might need support

  • From us
  • From one of our distributors and/or local bridge federation
  • From an experienced user

or need to give support

  • Give support to your club
  • Give support to somebody who has borrowed your’s or the club’s Bridge+More solution

We have from day one incorporated support enhancing features

  • Remote (ours and others) access to real-time status and information (set limitations with access control)
  • Remote (ours and others) tournament setup/handling (set limitations with access control)
  • Remote access to tablets/club computer screen (set limitations on device)

Below you can find out how to use our Support, how it works, and how you can use it – if you have a question please email us at to ensure you get the maximum our of your Bridge+More solution.

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