Support Principles – Support by you

Just as we can give support to you, we offer the same support features so you can give support exactly like us using the same built-in features (if allowed by access rights)(regarding the Teamviewer software license – see their site as non-commercial usage is allowed)

  • Give support to your club
  • Give support to somebody who has borrowed your Bridge+More solution

You can have – notice you need the proper control access rights and limitation – access to a Bridge+More solution

  • 1. Remote access to real-time status and information (by login)
  • 2. Remote tournament setup/handling (by login)
  • 3. Remote access to tablets/club computer screen (by remote screen control)

Ad 1.

You can see detailed information about tournament details – status and error codes in the Live session management making your support easier and faster

session management

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You can – if allowed – login to a club and create a tournament based upon the specifications – tables, boards per round, and card distribution – as you were doing it directly on the club’s computer. Notice you can do it hours/days/weeks in advance.

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We use the Teamviewer software for remote access to your Bridge+More tablet and/or computer screen. If you have access (allow every time) you can also take full control.

The Teamviewer software is installed on the tablets before delivery but you need to ensure it is installed on the computer you need to access if/when relevant. Go to to download.

Please notice the Teamviewer license terms – free for non-commercial usage