Bridge+More – Errata – Known issues, possible issues, and solutions/workarounds

The Bridge+More solution is a complete solution covering your bridge games from the moment when you decide that you want to play bridge or you decide to set up a tournament – and Bridge+More handles (in real-time) the management of the tournament as well as the presentation of the results — both during and after the tournament. We also work with local federations regarding data exchange for calculation of masterpoints/handicap points.

We put emphasis on making a complete solution that makes complex issues as simple and easy to use as possible – and strive to make it all error-free.  Errors do occasionally and sometimes we might need to discuss with you if we have implemented features correctly or if our features cover all versions/uses.

It is also important for Bridge+More to be at the forefront of bridge thinking, therefore sometimes we need your comments to validate if our line of thinking has been correct, and of course, we always welcome your comments and suggestions.

Below you can see some of the current issues that we are working on or items where we have initiated a “quality” check.

If you find an error, have a comment, or just a question please email us at to ensure you and your fellow bridge players get the maximum out of your Bridge+More solution.

Please read the relevant Erratum item below for further information (if any listed):

Version 6.00:

Card eject if manual eject option is chosen – cards are ejected automatically but entering of details on the tablets await manual “eject”. If an issue, we can update your tablets to version 6.31.

We have not made it a general update as the next version is in the final tests.