Unboxing & Preparation

  • Open the box we have sent you
  • Place the items from the box carefully on a table
  • Check to see if the items you’ve ordered have been delivered correctly. Depending on your order, you will receive your B+M Solution in a variety of different packaging with different items/accessories.

Our standard Solution consists of the following 5 elements:

  1. 1x Bridge+More Automatic Card Dealer
  2. 1x Optional Tablet (Android Operating System)
  3. 1x Charger + 1x Charger Cable for the Dealer
  4. 1x Charger Cable for the Tablet (The charger is optional)
  5. 2x Custom Playing Cards (1x Red and 1x Blue)
  6. 1x Quick Start Guide

*Please email us if any visual damage has happened to the box or the items and/or if you have any other doubts about the items you’ve received.

Great work! Please proceed to 2nd step: Prepare Welcome Game