Unboxing & Preparation

  • Open the box we have sent you
  • Place the items from the box carefully on a table
  • Check to see if the items you’ve ordered have been delivered correctly. Depending on your order, you will receive your B+M Solution in a variety of different packaging with different items/accessories.

Our standard Solution consists of the following 5 elements:

  1. 1x Bridge+More Automatic Card Dealer
  2. 1x Optional Tablet (Android Operating System)
  3. 1x Charger + 1x Charger Cable for the Dealer
  4. 1x Charger + 1x Charger Cable for the Tablet
  5. 2x Custom Playing Cards (1x Red and 1x Blue)
  6. 1x Quick Start Guide

*Please contact us if any visual damage has happened to the box or the items and/or if you have any other doubts about the items you’ve received.