Bridge Federations – Stress point in a BWS based process for creating and exchange of game details

We have made it easy to work together with those Federations that require you to create the game in the Federation’s system, export the game, import in the Bridge+More Solution, play and export it back to the Federation’s system (a BWS based process – as described here).

It is a bit more complicated to use a BWS based Federation system as you need to both import and export on the Bridge+More website – and you need to export and import in the Federation’s system. Therefore we work together with the interested federations in providing a smarter – faster and easier method – whenever possible.

The Bridge+More solution is actually so intelligent it can determine which federation’s system/software you are using automatically as bridge files like BRI or BWS files is not a uniform format – currently, we recognize 10+ different BRI variations automatically and 30+ different BWS variations automatically.

We are also aware of the limitations of the BWS based process and have added a number of features to make a BWS based process easier and more flexible – and have also added features to take the stress out of a BWS based process – completely different from the Bridge+More solution’s complete flexibility – you can create the game whenever and where ever you want – actually you can have somebody do it for you – for example, we (you) can set up a game in Denmark now you play somewhere in the world tomorrow – sorry actually as many games as you want to play at the same time or at different times – See more here.

As mentioned the BWS process can create a lot of stress due to many actions at the same time at several games especially just before the game start we have also improved the process flexibility just before the game starts

  • Therefore, with the Bridge+More solution, we offer that you (or any other person) can prepare a game in advance or when you want all to be done from a browser. We have added features that offer similar flexibility to a BWS based process –  we offer you to create the game in the Bridge+More solution directly first and then create the required BWS files afterwards (“delayed linking” we call it – or select a/your  “standard” BWS file from a list with a click). See more here or click below.
  • The Bridge+More solution offers you to change the game size just before the game starts with a click – this flexible option can be combined with “delayed linking” of a BWS file.
  • We have also added a player preregister option – Players register when seated and as soon all participants is known – i.e. game size is known – then the manager select the size of fro the appropriate list of BWS originated games (notice this might be less relevant if the players use our Players app – with features like players registration directly from the Players app – he can later even pre-register based on a club calendar).

When comparing a BWS based process to the Bridge+More solution process – many Federations including ACBL have admitted a BWS based process is not as flexible and easy to use as the modern option supported by the Bridge+More solution.  Therefore,  we worked with ACBL on alternatives and we have already added – and it’s been approved by ACBL – a USEBIO file-based process – simple and easy. You use the Bridge+More solution to handle the complete game process and simply send/upload game results/detail with a click by submitting a USEBIO file (during) afterwards to ACBL (like we do in may other countries with modern systems). See more here.

We await the latest from ACBL on their process for USEBIO due to pandemic but will keep our users updated

(BTW a USEBIO based process can also handle team and Swiss games when ACBL are ready)