Use a BWS file to create your bridge tournament and to submit results to your Federation

Several file formats are used by a number of federation’s systems to save tournaments details when you have created a tournament to play.

Often the software used by a Federation unfortunately only let you use BWS files to create a tournament that after the game be accepted by the Federation and therefore we have made it easy as part of the Bridge+More solution to handle BWS files (as well as other formats) as the basis for tournament creation and handling.

A tournament flow to comply with a BWS file-based process often looks as follows:

  • Step 1 – Create the BWS file on the system specified by the federation
  • Step 2 – Read the BWS file into the Bridge+More solution
    • (and) or the other devices )(BridgeMate, BridgePad, etc.) being used (“and” as the Bridge+More server can handle multiple different devices at the same time).
  • Step 3 – Play and handle the game on the Bridge+More solution
  • Step 4 – Save or rather update the BWS file with the game results and age details on the Bridge+More solution
  • Step 5 –  Read (import) the BWS file on the system specified by the federation

Please notice – Player details, results and corrections are also often written into the BWS file – meaning changes made after step 5 have to be done on the Bridge+More solution or step 4 and step 5 must be repeated.

Video guides – Using a BWS file

We have made a number of videos to show how easy it is to use the Bridge+More solution for the 5 steps mentioned above

You can find the videos here

We have also made videos for Step 1 and Step 5 respectively for certain federations software to help our users comply with these federations requirements – for example how the Bridge+More solution handle BWS files for the Danish Bridge Federations Bridgecentralen 3 – see here (starts video for step 1 of 5)

Below you can find a short illustration of those Steps you can to do on the Bridge+More solution

Step 2 – read the BWS file into the Bridge+More solution:

On the left you can see the menu item under the Admin menu where you can read a BWS file into the the Bridge+More solution.

Step 4 – create the BWS file on the Bridge+More solution:

On the right you can see how to create a BWS file – with players details, results and corrections on the Bridge+More solution.

You can find the feature under “Admin” – “Tournaments” and by clicking on the tournament name you get the “Tournament details” as show here.

Click  on the relevant section button and click “Export” twice – to see the export options.

Notice BWS file export option is only shown if the tournament was based upon a BWS file originally.