Bridge+More – How to test the Bridge+More dealer 

  • The Bridge+More Dealer can be tested with a number of tests mentioned below
  • The test are all found in the Dealer menu – click at these texts (illustration – your details will be different)
  • After you have selected the relevant test the dealer will show – when ready – “I’m ready”
  • In general – if Info Code 97 or 99 or no Info Codes or remarks – test isfinished – ready for further instructions, tests or to deal cards

Bridge+More Test – Bridge dealer Light Filter Test – How to test the Light Filter on the Bridge+More Dealer 

  • Before start of the test please find all Aces in a deck of cards and sort as follows
    • Ace of Spades
    • Ace of Clubs
    • Ace of Hearts
    • Ace of Diamonds
  • Please insert the four aces in the mentioned order
  • Dealer will then read the four cards

Notice: Please use clean cards and make sure there is no dirt in the 6 UV reader holes

Result of test:

  • Info Code 97  – No remarks or issues – and all 4 cards should be ejected from N
  • Info Code 49 – Remarks or issues found. Please contact us
  • Notice – calibration are not required in advance of this test