Bridge+More – How to import card distributions (hands) into your Bridge+More solution (Basic)


The Bridge+More solution is a complete solution and creates all the card distributions – hands – you need – but you might want to import a specific card distribution.

Therefore, the Bridge+More solution offers you multiple import options and read all know Bridge file formats on the Bridge+More website.

There are some simple principles for the Bridge+More solution card distribution handling and import

  • The Bridge+More solution always automatically generates random hands when you create a game – import of your own card distributions should be regarded as an overwrite of the random hands – when you import (overwrite) is up to you but import must be done before you start the game. Why this 2 step process
  1. We had too many examples of people importing to few boards – by generating random hands we ensure there is always the correct number of boards
  2. You can study the game details before it is played – you, our support and a club manager have the same insight – can see all details is correct
  3. You can wait to import – or have somebody else to import just before the game start – to ensure you have not been able to look at the hands before the game (as you also can regenerate random hands just before the game start)

You can learn how to import a card distribution here

You can read more about the advanced use of a card distribution import – for example, if you have multiple sessions – here

Please notice Import or a Reference game is two different option – In a Reference game, you select a historical game from a list.

Please notice Import or a Replay game is two different option – In a Replay game, you select a game for a particular day where others play the same card distribution.

Import of teaching games/boards is described under “Teaching” in the main menu