Unique Feature – Continue to play and don’t be delayed by details entered on the tablet!

As soon the first player takes their hand, the dealer will show the board number of the cards about to be played (one of our principles – see here) and you can then start planning your game strategy!

(you can’t start registering bids before all players have taken their cards)

The tablet will show the board being entered but will also show if the entering of the previous hand’s data is delayed with a yellow bar – and the dealer light will start blinking.


When the details have been entered and tablet and dealer are aligned – then the yellow bar and the blinking lights vanish.

You can only be one board behind with regard to entering bids, lead card, and results.

And yes! You can turn the feature off – then the dealer will wait until all details have been entered before ejecting the next set of cards.

How to – Go to Create (or Edit) tournament, select Tab 6, and remove the checkmark in “Allow cards to be….”