2.01 Unique Feature – Full card by card sequence/history on each and every game!

If you all insert the cards you have just played while keeping the order of the cards that you played (do not shuffle your hand) – then the Bridge+More solution will be able to read the cards one by one and save this unique information on each and every hand for your benefit. As illustrated below – with some cards made grey – we even handle a claim.

Notice – It doesn’t matter who inserts their cards in first – the dealer knows who had which hands.

Imagine how it could change your game!

Please notice – if you want to ensure you read all boards in the game’s card-by-card history you need to select the options for how to finish the game – and read also how to handle the cards at the end of the game. You can read here how to handle this feaure

Please notice the Cinema symbol in the upper right corner – that’s how you turn on our Cinema feature     

We have added the play sequence options to our teaching feature – you can even as a teacher and a student use/see the play sequence as defined by the teacher and compare with the sequence as played. See the red box below