Unique Feature – Error protection is not in real-time – it’s actually before the cards are to be used in your bridge games (preventive)!

We believe bridge could benefit and be more enjoyable through our focus on game flow

Our focus is to be as preventive as possible and we watch out for errors that could influence the game/flow of the game – and make the burden minimal.

A boxed (turned) card for example   – when the dealer sees the turned card it will announce an error

  • The tournament director will see it on the “Live” screen (see below first picture – “Error 93”);
  • The players will see it on the dealer (see the picture of the dealers “Error 93” (93 and the green Error); and
  • The tablet will show the error (see at the bottom below – Either at the tablet screen or at the top menu bar (depends on the option settings)

It is simple to correct the error – open the lid and turn the card and close the lid again.

Who – TD or the players – and when – when it does not disturb the game – the error should be handled will depend on the game setting – private, club and tournament – and the people present.