How to control of the start of the game – card eject control

Needed when:

For example when you want to prepare everything but want to control when cards are ejected at first, all or specific rounds

Or if you have created a tournament and no cards are ejected – read here how to eject and follow the links to learn how to select the correct eject option for your game


Easy – Eject options are preset but can be changed under Game Live

Basic – Eject options are preset but can be changed under Game Live

Advanced – Eject options are selected during tournament creation – but your selections can be changed with real-time effect under Game Live

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We can control – or rather we offer the club manager full flexibility in his/her control of when and how to start the game (actually you can select how to eject for each round if wanted)

You can see the options at right – and the label (Live) indicates you can change the options during the game as much as you want (for future rounds)

Alternatively, the cards (due to selected tournament setup) are automatically ejected when dealt as soon as next deck are inserted (if selected in advance – meaning there is a checkmark set by the server)

Answer (Continued):

The cards will be ejected if dealt when you click at the Game Live view – see the options at left and below at left you can see the first checkmark done as shown – in other words, card eject (at all tables) it is controlled with one simple click.

A small click but having a huge effect – see the effect here (Youtube)

The checkmark done below at left means the cards are ejected to the first round (start of the game). If you pressed the wrong box – the box for round two for example or clicked the box for the start of the game before you were ready then click again to remove – or leave it and the cards will be ejected automatically.

You find all the options shown at the Game Live screen – see here

If manual eject have been selected how do control the start of the game / eject of the cards:

You control the start of the game and the eject of the cards for a later round in the Game live screen – with simple click on the boxes in the Session breaks as illustrated in the left

You can read more here and read about the game flow as well.