The Bridge+Dealer sits at the middle of the bridge table and invisibly and quietly shuffles the next set of cards while you play your current hand and when you are ready for the next deal – just open and insert the cards you have just played and like magic the next set of cards emerge and four new hands are ready to play. Remember to keep the card play order and we will read the cards one by one and saves this unique information on each and every hand for your benefit.

Notice you can follow in your game real time both on the bridge+Tablet and on the Bridge+Server hereby being able to see results, details  and status on every table, board and hand of the game – and should anyone have made a mistike – turned a card upsite for example – the Tournament Director will be informed and can change before it disturbs the players – or your as a player can see and correct.

Despite the Bridge+More solution is both advanced and revolutionary it is still surprisingly easy to use – the principles behind the technologies and the principles to use and to manage the Bridge+More will we describe in a number of pages you will be able to find in the menu above under the Pricinples headline (this page) shortly.

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