6.0 Register players

Click here to learn how easy and simple it is to register the players of your game in just a few clicks on the tablet before starting the game

3.0 Create a bridge game

Click on this box to learn how to create your first game on the tablet in just a few clicks. Easy and simple to manage.

5.0 Game results

Click on the box to learn how to read and manage your results on the tablet during and after playing Bridge+More game

8.0 Share Results on Facebook (Fast & Easy)

Click here to learn how to share your game results with friends, family or dedicated bridge players

9.0 Create a monitor

Click here to learn how to create and open a monitor which allows you to see real-time results during a club tournament, while teaching or among friends in a social game

4.0 Enter tablet game details

Click here to learn how to enter the game details on the tablet before, during, and after playing a Bridge+More Solution game

7.0 Game Corrections

Cick here to learn how to make corrections to your tournaments on your Bridge+More account on bridgeplusserver.com

0.1 Before getting started

Before you get started, please click here to read our important guidelines regarding your first use of the Bridge+More Solution

2.0 First Game Guide

Click here to learn how to use your Bridge+More Solution for your first game of bridge using the Bridge+More Solution by Bridge Company

1.0 Unboxing & Preparation

Click here to see how the Bridge+More Solution is unboxed, how the devices are charged, and how to prepare the playing cards