Create a new tournament:


Go to Admin in the main menu and then select ”Create new tournament”


Select a name (not name overlap allowed)

Select ”Pair” (if you need to play team tournaments please upgrade)

Select ”Next”

You can import a tournament from the Danish Federation selecting ”Tournament Import” and then go to the folder on your computer with the export file from the Danish federations system BridgeCentralen

Select ”Next”


Select ”Howell” (if you need to play Michell please upgrade)

Select ”Next”


Select the number of boards per round and the number of tables (maximum number of tables is the number of B+M Solutions present)

Select ”Next”

(if you when at Tab 6 would like to change the number of boards – click at 3. Dimensions


select again and click Next until you are back at Tab 6


Mark X if you want to generate new card distributions due to the change)


Place (name of town for example)

Date (or use the calendar pop-up to select)

Select ”Next”



Random simple card generator

File import – select your own card distribution ibn the .bri file format

John Norris is games generated by the former world champion in computer bridge – only first option is currently available (three alternative will be shown if chosen)

Select ”Next”


Select by a click on the mouse on a card dist. To select and move by holding the mouse button down (card distribution becomes yellow). Move then by dragging

Select ”Next”


Select ”Next”

Select 8


At the top you can select if you wants to register the full bid sequence to be recorded (recommended) or only final bid


Then select score principle Matchpoint or IMPS

If Matchpoint is chosen also chose if 0 is used as bottom or center

Select ”Next”


Select ”Next”


Select ”Next”



After the tournament have been created the tournament needs to be Activated

Please notice – you can create the tournament days / hours in advance – and the tournament can be created by one person, activated by another person and managed by a third person

After the tournament have been created:

Now the tournament has been created and you can find it on the list of tournaments


You can edit details by clicking edit-pair

When you are sure the tournament is ready to be played click activate-button-pair– wait a moment and the tournament will activated and be ready – it’s ready when you see


(please notice as mentioned that the person handling and/or activating does not have to be the same – and the tournament can be created in head of play time)