1.03 Our guiding principles – Use of cards:

The Bridge+More only uses two decks of cards

  • While playing with one deck the next is being dealt (for example – while playing board 2 board 3 is being dealt)
  • While dealing we also read the card by card history (for example – while dealing board 3 board 1’s card by card history is read)
  • The cards have a hidden code and the dealer only supports our own unique cards
  • The code is the same for the same card value – you can swap cards between decks
  • The cards is made to last for a long time – made in plastic by a renowned supplier and they can be cleaned with a damp cloth

Please remember to remove the jokers (3) before you use a new deck of cards.

Notice, the Bridge+More protective card box (accessory to order) cannot close unless the jokers have been removed