1.01 Bridge+More – Our guiding principles – Our Technologies:

The Bridge+More solution is based upon the following technologies and principles

Communication technologies:

  • The Bridge+Dealer communicates with the Bridge+Tablet via Bluetooth.
  • The tablet communicates with the Bridge+More server via a Wi-Fi (the tablet needs a stable internet connection)
    • The internet connection should always be turned on as communication takes place in real time.
  • The Bridge+More solution is a “Internet connected device” / “Internet of things – IoT”


Our linking principles:

  • The Bridge+Dealer and the Bridge+Tablet are linked together by the tablet. They are linked as a pair, but the link can be turned off or changed if needed / wanted.
  • It’s easy to create the link and you can see the status of the link on the dealer, the tablet and in the browser Live view
  • To see how to set-up the tablet and link with a dealer – go to ”4.4 How to prepare a game with the Bridge+More tablet

You wan to know more about “IofT” – “the Internet of Things”

Read here for example – https://www.wired.co.uk/article/internet-of-things-what-is-explained-iot