How to import result play and result from played tournament’s bws file to a Reference game:

This guide shows you where to import references from BWS. The menu can be found under “Admin”->”Social Games”.

As always when importing a BWS file, you are first asked for the file name. Please notice the bws must be have been played. In case you provide a file with empty results, the system will show an error message as shown below.

Importing a reference, provides far less options than importing a normal tournament. Only 3 tabs.

This is because only the results are needed. No tablet or dealer is involved. Afterwards you will create a playable tournament, using this ass reference. Here you will get all the normal choices.

Tournament Information

The second tab first lists some information about the BWS file. This is very similar to importing a BWS file as a playable tournament.

In case your BWS file contain more sections, you will get a selector – as shown – to specify which sections should be imported. So why this? – you are about to create a reference, not 3 (there are 3 options shown on the picture above, about which sections to import).

If you select more sections, they are merged into one big reference. You know more about your reference than we do, of course. In the example above, it could be that section A and B contain good tournament players, but section C was a beginners’ tournament. In that case, you should deselect C, not to create too many disturbing results.

We recommend that you provide a name for the reference that can easily be identified, when people want to play, using it as a Reference.

Note that the Barometer and Union options are not present. In case the tournament is a non-barometer, it will be transformed to a barometer.

Card Distribution

In case there are hand records present in the BWS file, the Card distribution will pre-select this.

Otherwise you need to have a hand record file present. In that case the Card Distribution tab will look like this.

Bri, dup, lin, and pbn formats are supported, as source file for the hand records. You can see here how

After you have imported the reference you can select it in the list as you normally do when creating a Reference game