How to download additional Bridge+More bridge tablet apps and support apps?

(shown when you have started our app – click on the app with an icon that looks like our dealer)

Please notice if any of the text below the buttons on the main menu is en red – then you need to select or correct and issue – see below

We have a number of apps we install on the tablets we provide – click on the link to download (or see below)

On the tablets we provide we install all of our apps  – we recommend you create a new “page” and place all the app as illustrated

The picture at right shows the app icons placed at the bottom and it also shows the pictures we add for background and Lock Screen

We also use other third-party apps

  • Teamviewer for support –
  • Speedtest by Ookla for internet speed and stability testing
  • Total Commander – file explorer – for Lenovo Tablets

Below you can find a Dropbox folder with the above-mentioned files and apps – sorted by often used tablet types and their respective requirements

Search terms: Download, Upload, apps, lock screen, dropbox

bridge tablet
bridge tablet