How do I prepare the playing cards for the Dealer – 4 cards calibration?


  • Remove the three blank cards from each deck
  • Save these cards for later
  • Find Q, J, 7 and 5 of Hearts (first card to be read of the deck should be 5 then 7, J and Q – following card order irrelevant)
  • Place them in the bottom of the deck face down


When using the Bridge+More Dealer for the first time, we recommend doing a Four Card Calibration – see here – which helps the machine to adapt and adjust to a new set of cards and learn to avoid dust particles when calibrating.

If you later experience any card reading-related issues – Info Code 89 – please run the Four Card Calibration to calibrate the machine’s ability to adapt to the specific deck of cards (and their wear status) as well as any eventual dust or dirt in the readers.

Watch the video below by clicking on the image