Bridge+More – Methods

We use the term Methods to describe

The Bridge+More solution makes it easy for you to play bridge – but sometimes you might have to decide between a few alternatives. To make it easy for you, we use the phrase Methods to the different processes and features seen as a whole:

Do you want to use

  • The Fast & Easy methods (just a few clicks, a few choices, and no or only a few options to consider),
    • For example, can you create a new game on the tablet with 3 clicks – that’s Fast & Easy
    • But we also use Fast & Easy to describe how to – for example see if the dealer is charging with a glance (Fast & Easy) but you have several choices (4) and some of these require you to know our solution in details (Advanced)
    • A Fast & Easy method is based upon those who want to play now and not be bothered by details
  • Our Basic methods (use default settings for most of the options), or
    • With Basic Method, we have chosen as the default the recommended option and we show the options for you.
    • When we have a Basic method – preselected options or a Basic description we don’t expect you to use more than common knowledge of bridge and and being able to make sound decisions
  • The Advanced methods (where you have full control.
    • When creating a tournament you have 3 options for “Vacant scoring / Shortened Tournament Scoring principles” – If you use a Fast & Easy you will not be bothered with items like this. Basic use the default and Advanced we expect you know Neuberg’s formula.

Notice – we use the term Feature to describe both a particular Type, Method, Choice, or Option – in other words, a feature can be large and complex – like our “Teaching Feature” – or be small and specific – like our “Vacant pair” options feature.